Friday, September 4, 2009

Home in Boulder

Our last day in Penticton was well spent, and I (finally) tubed the canal. It was wet and relaxing. I missed a splash/walk in the lake, though. I missed it badly. I almost considered trying to go for a lake-walk in the dark, but didn't want to risk stepping on anything unseen.

We almost didn't make it back, I wanted to stop and stay a while in Bozeman. I love that town. But we cruised back into Colorado around 3:30 on Wed. afternoon and hit Boulder about 2 hours after that. Since then we have unpacked (I think most everything, by now), eaten great pizza at Protos, and ridden to work both yesterday and today (my feet are protesting cycling shoes, but the legs are loving a low-key spin). I also did a quick check of MSU's webpage, but there are no faculty openings for chemical engineering......

Our drive back had us spotting a moose, driving through a forest fire (very close to the road!), slurping huckelberry milkshake and enjoying the countryside unfold. Flying would seem easier, and is definitely faster, and though another day in Penticton would be a slice of heaven, I like the sense of place that comes from watching the terrain speed by out the car window.

The pets seem to like having us back. they had excellent care from their pal, Beth, while we were out, but they also seem happy to have us around again. I'm already trying a new trick with Izzy at meal time. And the cat wants to cuddle at the worst times, like when I am asleep. She makes up for it with her cuteness and boundless energy (currently, she is running labs of the house, made possible by our two staircases).

Chores have included unpacking. laundry, calling around for a new windshield (we hit a rock just right in some Montana road construction and now get a new windshield), reassembly of The Good Bike Ditto, etc.

This weekend brings the Farmers Market (our first time this year, in Boulder) by bike, followed by breakfast out, cleaning for upcoming family visits, yard work (see mention of family visits), and hope that my stomach might finally get right. Should be fun! Happy weekend!