Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Catch Up

Wow, the last few days have gone by fast.

There was the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie we cooked on Christmas Eve, the carmel rolls we made on Christmas morning, the Costco pizza we ate before the movie on Boxing day, the Christmas cookies we made yesterday, ... Oh, that's just the food.

The long run Amber did on Christmas Eve, the hill workout Amber did on Christmas, the bike and swim we both did on Boxing day, the "breezy" bike we did yesterday, ... Oh, that's just the training.

The Christmas letter we finalized on Christmas Eve only to find out our printer is almost out of ink, the Simpson's mosaic puzzle that we started again after giving up on it a few years ago (we are a bit obsessive compulsive (see yesterday's ride) so giving up on a puzzle means that it is really tough), finally going to a movie after about 2 1/2 years (the curious case of benjamin button), starting to send out said Christmas letters, ... that's some of the other stuff.

We're here in B-town this holiday season because of work reasons, which is a shame since we won't see family but it means we are getting some projects done before the craziness that 2009 promises to be. The weather has been typical Colorado winter craziness from cold to not-so-cold but windy. Today were heading out for a run and making some turkey soup.

If anyone out there wants to head to Devil's Thumb for a day of skiing this week, let us know. Although you might miss out on the beer mile.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Devil's Thumb Ranch Weekend

A and I were up at Devil's Thumb Ranch near Winter Park as we had won a "two nights lodging including spa treatment" certificate.
Rather than go into much detail. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Friday afternoon ski. Pretty warm but a bit windy.

A showing off her balance.

Saturday morning was 4 F and windy. In the picture is the waxing yurt. A really wants a yurt of her own.

The trails in the woods were nice. Unfortunately most of the trees are dying or already gone due to the pine beetle.
No afternoon ski on Saturday since we got massages instead.

Sunday morning was clear, windless and a few degrees below zero when we started. This is looking up the valley.

This is looking down the valley. The lodge is the building on the right. The restaurant where we had a marvelous dinner on Saturday night is in the middle.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow and Cold....yes!

Hopefully we get some good skiing in this week, as the cold is supposed to stick around (sounds like N. Boulder Park (or NBP from now on) needs a bit more snow to make it stellar, though). We have been busy partying this weekend (Brad and Pete's excellent holiday bash, and Eric and Maria's Santa Lucia/1st birthday for Lucas party), which has allowed the house cleaning, gift packaging, work, and training to slack off a bit too much. We got a good ride in yesterday in the warmth, before the snow, but today's run is still waiting to happen.

Next weekend we break and head to Devil's Thumb Ranch to ski, relax, say goodbye to 2008, get ready for the craziness that 2009 will bring (at work, anyways, it is going to be nuts!), and have some quality time to spend together. Oh, anyone want to doggie-sit for the cutest dog in the world next weekend?

A holiday letter is also in the works, so stay tuned for its blog-cast debut.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Recovery

A and I are still trying to get caught up after a busy Thanksgiving weekend.

It all started with the wild and crazy Sunny got into town on Wednesday. I still have "everybody was kung fu fighting ..." in my head from Kung Fu Panda.

On Thanksgiving, I started the day with a trip to the airport to pick up my dad. A and I then spent most of the afternoon cooking in preparation to go to the Lavatos. I tried to convince A that since we weren't hosting Thanksgiving, we shouldn't have to cook all afternoon, but she prevailed and we made an apple/cranberry pie (shirts were kept on at our house unlike other locations), roasted cauliflower, spinach casserole (mostly cheese) and Sunny's sweet potato pie. Descriptions of the melted platter and eating excessively can be found at the previous links.

On Friday, we started the day with waffles. Then, we went all over Boulder and once again realized Sunny knows way more people than we know. We met up with Sara for lunch at Efrains. We also did the triple pizza making again. If food seems to be a consistent them here, that is because it seemed to be the focus of the whole weekend, not just Thursday.

Saturday was the first snowy day. We hit the Southside Walnut Cafe, did some hiking, and had leftover pizza for lunch. On Saturday afternoon, Sunny decides to race a cyclocross race in Morrison on Sunday and talks A into doing it as well. Sunny rented a bike from Boulder Cycle Sport while A choose my mountain bike. In the late afternoon, I drove my dad to the airport while A and Sunny went to pick up the cross bike and hike Mt Sanitas (descending in the dark).

In Boulder on Sunday morning it wasn't snowing, but as we drove the 45 minutes or so to Morrison we met a pretty good snow storm. The course was snowy and slick. A and Sunny got a bit of pre-riding in as Sara and I were standing around in the cold. Luckily, I brought water proof shoes, but Sara wasn't as lucky and she had to retreat to the car after her boyfriend was done racing. Watching the race was difficult as A struggled in the snow, but she toughed it out and finished until some of the others. Will it be her last cyclocross race, who knows? Later, we went to dinner with Sunny and met up with Kitty and Ivy. Sunny's flight was getting more and more delayed so we hung out in B-town longer. Eventually we got her to the airport and made it home ourselves.

The last few days have flown by as we have tried to catch up around the house. Snow has come to B-town, so we will go early tomorrow to the most boring place on earth (north boulder park) to ski around. It may be boring, but it is close and it is skiing. Hopefully the back is fine, but as long as i don't try to outsprint A, I think it will be.

Peace Out,